Committee to Re-Elect Dion Guthrie


The Issues

Our Political Goals

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Dion Guthrie - Champion for District A

Joppa Area Election Candidate Forum - Bel Air Candidates 2022


  • Roads to be repaired/updated
    • It's hard to find any roads in Joppatowne that aren't in "need" of repair or have been ill-repaired.
  • Community Center
    • In additional, it is time to get a Community Center in Joppatowne. Every other district in the County has a community center and also a Senior Center, Boys & Girls Club, Teen Center, etc. Joppatowne has none.


  • Promenade & Bike Path
    • Prior to leaving office, Dion was working on a project to put in a promenade south of Willoughby Beach Road, where the tree line starts to connect with the park. It would be similar to the Promenade that goes through Havre de Grace. It would provide a walkway & bike path all the way to the water.
  • Coppermine Edgewood Athletic Facility
    • Dion also got the Army apartments at Washington Ct. torn down to provide the now under-construction soccer/football field. It will bring to the economy a large monetary gain for the Edgewood area.

Election Countdown

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2022 Gubernatorial General Election - Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Early Voting starts on Thursday, October 27, 2022
and goes through Thursday, November 3, 2022